Content creation: TikTok artists have gone multiplatform

Although platforms like Instagram Reels are positioned as a competitor for TikTok, cross-channel posting is more popular than ever among influencers and users who have accounts on multiple platforms.

Instead of creating duplicate content from scratch every time, there’s a strong tendency for users to first create their content on TikTok, and then repost it on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even Facebook. TikTok stars sharing their videos to these other channels is a smart multi-platform strategy, as it widens their exposure and makes space for another fanbase to access their content.

For brands, this is great news, as it means they can reach a far wider audience just by marketing initially to a Generation Z audience on TikTok. From there, content is more likely to go on a journey, from the original post on TikTok to Instagram Reels, or to Twitter, by either the original poster or someone else sharing it.