Go to the “Next Shows” page, read carefully application rules, follow the steps and submit the required information.

We are online gallery, so you can expose artwork that is sold or is being exposed in physical gallery at the same time.

We do not accept artwork promoting harassment, aggression, agitation and other abusive behavior.

Very importantly, you have to follow the rules stated on the Open Call page and submit a high quality picture of your artwork without any frames, walls, watermarks or other objects in the picture.

After sending your application, you can choose from the payment methods available in your country. Having troubles with the payment? Contact us by email: info (@) influencegallery.com

The winners will be chosen based on their skills, originality of artwork, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium.

The selection of works by the jurors is final and the decision cannot be appealed on any grounds.

All the accepted artwork will be visible online on our website on the starting day of the new exhibition. Onl the winners and «Honorable mentions» will be contacted by email.

Absolutely. We do encourage you to do that, feel free to share about your participation and the judgement results. Your friends and followers will be very excited for you and truly supportive.

This move is very welcome. We are constantly monitoring worldwide press.

In some cases, we invite artists without the entry fee, where they are unable to pay it for the various reasons: political (sanctions imposed on their country prevent them to pay), wealth (loss of income source) or technological reasons (they live in rural areas and don’t have credit cards, PayPal and bank account).

Please provide us with a proof that you fall under one of these categories by email.

The submitting artist must have full rights to the submitted work and be the original artist. If the work is found to not be original Influence Gallery, nor its partners, founder or affiliates bear responsibility or liability for copyright infringement. The work/s in question will also be disqualified and immediately removed from our websites.

Our Social Media pages and The Blog on the website is a way to further promote all artists, found either through the competition or organically. Being written up in our blog or featured on our social media has no effect on your standing in our competition nor does it say anything about your chance to win our prizes. The blog is simply an additional space to further promote and explore all of the talent that we find. Being written up in our Blog also does not prevent you (submitting artist) from submitting work to the competition.

Winning or participating in previous exhibitions doesn’t prevent you from sending your submission again. However, you cannot submit the same artwork that has already won a prize on our website.

Simply entering the competition and winning is not the end of your journey with us, similarly “losing” does not mean we did not notice your artwork. Everyone that enters is not just regarded for the award, we also look for talented artists to promote through our blog, social media channels as well as to expose to any other artistic opportunities we are made aware of.

We are looking forward to seeing you among our participants.

If you have any other questions please contact us here or at info ( at ) influencegallery.com