Content creation: TikTok artists have gone multiplatform

Content creation: TikTok artists have gone multiplatform Although platforms like Instagram Reels are positioned as a competitor for TikTok, cross-channel posting is more popular than ever among influencers and users who have accounts on multiple platforms. Instead of creating duplicate content from scratch every time, there’s a strong tendency for users to first create their […]

4 Proven Instagram Marketing Tactics That Work in 2023

If you want to generate more engagement on Instagram in 2023 and build up your account authority at the same time, you should be publishing more videos. This is because videos still drive more engagement than photos, as this study from Quintly shows. 1. Create more how-to videos Sales videos can help you get more […]


Successful artists on Instagram can often have a large following, but can they be counted as influencers or micro-influencers? Micro-influencers often aren’t in the spotlight like celebrities or mega-influencers, but they certainly should not be overlooked. A micro-influencer is an influencer whose audience ranges from 1,000 to 20,000 followers. While they may not have an audience […]


According to a new report from Takumi, an influencer marketing agency, approximately 73% of marketers have directed more money towards influencer marketing this year. Most of these marketers are in the retail and manufacturing industries. More and more organizations and companies are turning to influencers, as they have an easy time reaching a younger generation […]